About Immediate Evex Pro

Are You Ready to Begin Trading?

The Team’s Journey

Immediate Evex Pro started off as the pet project of a small group of friends. This group was made up of long-time traders that all shared a passion for getting more people into the industry. Trading has changed their lives, and they wanted to help other people experience the same thing.

There were a lot of ideas thrown around before Immediate Evex Pro became what it is today. There was the idea to set up an education and trading platform, a market index resource, and everything in between.

Eventually, though, they decided to commit to a trading platform. They noticed that a large reason that so many potential traders didn’t get involved with the industry came down to accessibility.

It wasn’t about education or skill or even about having the means to start in the first place. It was all about not having a comfortable space to actually trade in the market. With the idea of a trading platform in mind, the team started working on the initial concepts that they needed to develop to turn the idea into something tangible.


The first step in this process was putting together a team of professionals. The founders knew what they were doing when it came to trading, but they lacked the expertise needed to create a functional online platform to facilitate trading.

The first step in the recruitment process was collecting developers capable of actually creating Immediate Evex Pro.

They put out a recruitment call and, within weeks, had a full roster of individuals interested in being screened and interviewed.

All of the potential applicants were quite impressive. The team couldn’t recruit them all, though. Over the course of a few weeks, they narrowed it down to a handful of developers and brought them on board for the project.

With the technical skill now available, they began conceptualizing what they wanted from the platform. Diagrams were drawn up, highlighting exactly what kind of look and feel the initial founders wanted from Immediate Evex Pro.

With those documents in hand, the newly created development team got to work on the backend and front end of the platform.

The user interface was the first main thing that they developed. Given that the founders wanted Immediate Evex Pro to be a beginner’s trading platform, a straightforward UI was a top priority.

The team noticed that most of the other trading platforms out there bombarded new trading accounts with figures, stats, and graphs as soon as you logged in. The overall look of the sites was cluttered and exceptionally difficult to navigate. The team at Immediate Evex Pro wanted to avoid falling into that trap. In order to do so, they stripped away the information highlighted above down to the bare minimum.

This allowed the team to focus on making every aspect of the site as accessible as possible. They want beginner traders to have a seamless and enjoyable experience on Immediate Evex Pro, and this was a major part of that.


Once the user interface was sorted out, then came the mammoth task of developing the trading features.

When all of the extra market charts and graphs were stripped away, the team realized something else. Beginner traders aren’t going to be interested enough to spend hours studying how a market is moving, so they need to develop a platform that’s going to cut down on the time spent at the desk.

The team got to work, and it didn’t take long before they had a working prototype. While there were still aspects that needed to be ironed out, the team made significant progress in a short amount of time.

After several versions and refinements, the various features were ready to go. The team integrated them into an already built platform and got ready for launch.

Before Immediate Evex Pro was released to the public, the developers gave it to a handful of beta testers to try out. The feedback was great and helped the team to iron out some minor bugs and glitches.

Within a few months, Immediate Evex Pro was launched, and now the platform has many users worldwide, all making use of a streamlined and comfortable trading environment. The team is not stopping here, though. They intend to continue supporting the development of Immediate Evex Pro well into the future. They have a goal and an idea that they’re passionate about, and hopefully, you’ll be able to share this passion as well.